Registering course results

Biomedical Sciences
The course coordinator sends the course results to the administration office ( in the Osiris format assessment results8.05 KB (column C and D). The administration office processes the results and sends a control list with grades in concept status to the course coordinator. The course coordinator has to sign the control list for approval and sends a PDF of the signed control list to the administration office. The results will be registered in Osiris and from that moment visible for the students.

The course coordinator registers the course results in 'Osiris for Lecturers' web application (Osiris Docent, in Dutch). Throughout OSIRIS for Lecturers and Supervisors, you will find ‘help’ buttons below and above the lines. These links provide useful information. There is also a manual available. If those tools do not answer your question, you can send an e-mail to Masoud Ghoreshi.

Last minute cancellation and no-show
Students who register for a course but with withdraw at the last minute without a valid reason, or fail to show up, will get an NVD. More information can be found at the Osiris course registration page.