Course enrolment procedure and accessing the waiting list

The course enrolment procedure for all# GSLS Master’s courses is as follows:

  1. Prerequisite knowledge and placement rules are clearly described for each course in the Osiris course catalogue##.
  2. Students can register via Osiris Student for a course during the corresponding course registration period (see table below).
  3. The course coordinator can download from Osiris the registration list of students that have applied for their course after the registration deadline. See instructions for this below 'placement of students on the waitinglist' (Osiris - Reports - 9.2.72 Waiting List).  
  4. When admission to a course requires additional information, e.g. a motivation letter, this must be clearly described in the course description in the Osiris course catalogue**. Students will need to email the information separately to the course coordinator (in addition to the Osiris course registration and before the registration deadline).
  5. The course coordinator determines which students are admitted to the course and sends the placement list to the Master's administration office within two weeks after registration deadline (preferably in an excel file)

    We advise that placement is done in the following order of priority:
    1. Students from own Master’s programme for which the course is mandatory (course coordinators have to make sure that the capacity is sufficient).
    2. Students from own Master’s programme.
    3. GSLS students from other Master’s programmes.
    4. Other students, including PhD-students.
    5. Students that are on the low-priority list. (They did not deregister on time, did not show up or withdrew last-minute without a valid reason for a course previously. They will be placed with the lowest priority for course registration in the next period by the Master administration.)

      ​In case of capacity issues, it is advised to place students from category 2 to 5 by lot. This can be done automatically by Osiris via the administration office.

      Alternatively, a course coordinator might decide that the admission of students is done by the master administration office.

      Please be aware of the deadlines and arrange replacement in case of absence.
      The course coordinator will be informed when the students are linked in Osiris and can download the registration list of participants to register the course results after the assessment.
  6. The Master administration office enters the list of accepted students in Osiris.
  7. Students that have been admitted to the course and do not want to participate in the course have to deregister before the deregistration deadline (see table below).
  8. Courses will be re-opened for the late enrolment period. The course coordinator determines which of the re-registered students are admitted to the course, as described above, and sends the placement list to the Master administration office within 1 working day after the late enrolment period (see table below).

# With the exception of Epidemiology (Postgraduate) courses; see the Epidemiology website for more information.
## If you want to change the course description in the OSIRIS Course Catalogue for your course, please contact GSLS Course Information (BMS programmes) or Hans Luijendijk (Science Faculty).

Please note:

  • The GSLS administration officers are responsible for the course enrolment procedure. Please forward students with questions about course registration and admission to the administration officers of their faculty.
  • The registration of course results remains unchanged, see Teacher guide - Registering course results.

For questions, please contact your master administration office.

Ad step 3: Placement of students from the Waiting list

  • Login to OSIRIS Supervisor ('Docent')
  • Go to 'Menu' (top) and click on Reports
  • Go to Report 9.2.72 (you can type it in the field): Waiting list per course

  • Enter your course code and the academic year. 2021 is for academic year 2021-2022; 2022 is for 2022-2023 etc.
  • Click on 'Uitvoeren'

  • You get the list of all students who registered for enrolment.
  • To actually enroll (a selection of) students to the course, you email the list of (selected) students with student numbers to the Master's administration.
    Contine with step 5 above.