Pilot OSIRIS Case ('Zaak')

The Master’s programmes CSDB and Biosciences (BiBc, BINN, DINN, ENVB, MCLS and SBM) participate in a pilot in which the entire procedure of research projects and writing assignments is digitized. This new procedure, designed in OSIRIS Case ('Zaak'), replaces the current application and assessment procedure.

Starting from the 7th of February 2022 a few changes have been implemented for OSIRIS Case:

- BiBc (Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity), DINN (Drug Innovation), ENVB (Environmental Biology), and MCLS (Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences) have been included to the pilot. This means that CSDB and all Biosciences student applications take place via OSIRIS Case.

- More study components have been included in the pilot. From now on the mini-project applications will also take place via OSIRIS Case. This is only applicable for the Master’s programmes that are included in the pilot.

As an examiner, you can approach the OSIRIS Case environment via OSIRIS Supervisor ('Docent & Begeleider'). Besides the manual for students, there is a PDF iconmanual for examiners available with detailed instructions on this new procedure.

  • You need to have a SolisID to login to OSIRIS. If you are from the UMCU, and you don’t have a solisID yet, you can request one here.
  • You need certain rights to use OSIRIS Case.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please contact the administration office.
For Biomedical Sciences: infobms@umcutrecht.nl or +31 (0)88 7559397.
For Biosciences: science.gsls@uu.nl  or +31 (0)30 2531858.