Expertise Group Educational Life Sciences (EGELS)

The Expertise Group Educational Life Sciences (EGELS) thinks about educational issues within the Graduate School of Life Sciences which can be further professionalised. Examples of EGELS projects are the Life Science Academy, the Master’s course 'Societal challenges for life sicences scientists: exploring interdisciplinarity' and the implementation of the USO-project 'ICEBERG' in the Navigation Towards Personal Excellence workshops.

Contact and more information
If you have ideas or suggestions to enhance the proficiency or to improve the functioning of the GSLS, please let us know and contact Gönül Dilaver.

Members of the EGELS:

  • Gönül Dilaver, PhD (chair) Biomedical Sciences
  • Shirrinka Goubitz, PhD Faculty of Science
  • Mieke Lumens, PhD Master's programme coordinator Toxicology and Environmental Health
  • Geert Ramakers, PhD Master's programme coordinator Neuroscience and Cognition
  • Karin Scager, PhD Advisor Educational Development and Training

EGELS September 2015From left to right: Mieke Lumens, Karin Scager, Shirrinka Goubitz, Geert Ramakers, Gönül Dilaver.