Board of Admissions

The Board of Admissions is charged with the task of applying the admissions criteria listed in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of the master’s programme in order to assess which applicants can be granted admission to this master’s programme. Admission decisions will based on the advice from the programme selection committees, the University framework for admission and the BoA guidelines.

The BoA is also charged with awarding the Utrecht excellence scholarships (UES) and Holland scholarships (HS). Within the budget made available by Utrecht University each year, the BoA will determine the number and amount (of UES) of the scholarships awarded.


Chair: Prof. dr. H.V.M. Van Rijen (Faculty of Medicine; Biomedical Sciences / Neuroscience / Health science)
Dr. S.I. The (Faculty of Science; Biology; Chair Educational committee)
Dr. J.A. Post (Faculty of Science; Chair Board of Examiners)
Dr. S. Goubitz (Staff advisor master education, GSLS)
B. Benthem, MA (Admission officer, Faculty of Science, Biosciences)
Dr. P. Krijgsheld (Admissions Officer, Faculty of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences) - Secretary