Current situation (July 2020)

Many courses need to be adjusted to the current situation in which many students will not be allowed on campus. This means that our education needs to be redesigned to a remote format, or a blended format. This current teachers’ guide page is meant to support you in this switch and redesigning your course(s). If you miss any information, please contact Anne-Petra Rozendal.

The information on this page is still under construction and will be updated regularly.

The transition from on-campus education to online education requires educational and technical adjustments. It's also important to think about how to interact online. The UU provides guidelines on 'PDF iconEtiquette online education' and PDF iconInstructions for students and teachers.

The Technology Enhanced Learning department (TEL) offers extensive information about distance learning (in Dutch). Here you will find a table with alternatives for on-campus education, about MS Teams and WebEx, how to create an e-module and knowledge clip yourself and the possibilities for remote assessment. They also offer tailor-made advice.

Educate-it offers online training modules on redesigning your course on the Lifelong Learning platform. You can attend the module together with a group of Science teachers or enroll on your own online. 

You can enroll in the courses using the links below:

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