Teacher support online/blended education

Most lecturers need support in the (re)design and development of online or blended education. A wide range of support has been developed consisting of informative online courses, teacher experiences and blogs, question and answer sites and tips and tricks on using online platforms, tools and developing learning activities. Here you will find an overview of support from the UU and UMCU.

The GSLS uses the Lifelong Learning platform to develop and offer online and blended education. This platform offers the opportunities for scalable and flexible online or blended education. If you want to use this platform, please contact Anne-Petra Rozendal.

After you have redesigned and developed your existing face-to-face education as online or blended education, it is important to check that the course information in the study guide and Osiris is still correct. Passing on adjustments can be done by sending an email to CourseInformationGSLS@umcutrecht.nl.

Are you planning to develop new online or blended education? Go to https://teacherguidelifesciences.nl/designing-course/registering-course-osiris#registering-a-course-in-osiris- for information about registering new education in Osiris.