Introduction online and blended education

Online and blended courses are part of the educational landscape of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS). The courses are offered as general elective courses to GSLS Master's students. An online or blended course can also be offered to (inter)national students and other interested parties.

Blended courses
Blended courses offer a mix of online and face-to-face learning approaches. In a blended learning design, the acquisition of knowledge can be offered online in e-learning activities (e.g. knowledge clip, e-module, online formative test), whilst the application of knowledge is suitable for face-to-face education (e.g. seminar learning groups, expert meetings).

Online courses
Courses can also be offered completely online. All learning activities are conducted in a digital learning environment, with activities such as reading texts, watching video’s, doing exercises, performing assignments, collaborating with peers, giving and getting feedback, discussing and working in groups.

Why blended or online courses?
Online education offers flexibility and a wider range of courses. This supports students in making their own timetable. Students can take an online course during their research project abroad or simultaneously with a face-to-face course.

A small number of students (10 to 20) participate in a group, which makes it possible to use active learning methods and social interaction, which is reflected in discussions, group assignments and peer feedback. Online education offers the flexibility to run parallel small-scale groups or more course editions per year. Designing an online course gives the opportunity to innovate education. There is a rich choice of learning activities for knowledge acquisition and knowledge application.  

More information
For more information you can contact Anne-Petra Rozendal and share your educational questions.