Current situation (November 2020)

Still education needs to be adjusted to the current Covid-19 situation due to the fact that many students will not be allowed on campus. This means that our education needs to be redesigned to an online- or blended format. This current teachers’ guide page is meant to support you in this switch and in redesigning your course(s). If you miss any information, please contact Anne-Petra Rozendal.

The information on this page is still under construction and will be updated regularly.

In general, you can ask for support about online / blended education at:

·       BETA; Find all the information about Remote teaching here. Specific didactical and technical support for your programme / course can be asked via

·       BMS; Find all the information about Remote teaching here (in Dutch). Specific support for your programme / course can be asked via Lars van der Plank,, who is from the Technology Enhanced Learning department and is specifically designated to provide didactical support for the BMS programmes.

LifeLongLearning platform
From 2021 the focus will be on uniformity and quality of online and blended education. To this end the GSLS will use the Lifelong Learning platform as a digital learning environment. From period 3 we will start developing the Biomedical courses on the Lifelong Learning platform. Later in the year the courses of Biosciences will follow. You can find all information about designing and developing online or blended education on the Lifelong Learning platform here.

On this page you will find the following information:

·      Introduction to Blended & Online learning. This is valuable information if you’ve just started with your first blended or online course design. You will also find more theory on blended & online learning.

·      Redesigning your course (Getting started & How to...). Here you will find the information to get started with (re)designing your course. The information on this page will help you step-by-step in creating an online course.

·      Learning activities, tools & resources. Here you will find in-depth information and several links to help you design specific learning activities within your blended or online course.