Request your Course

In order to make your transition to the Lifelong Learning platform run smoothly we offer a range of support to facilitate you in this process. We introduce you to the platform, help you make design choices and offer advice and hands-on support in developing your course.

We are aware that from period 3 onwards (academic year 2019-2020), education has largely been offered online. The work you have put into this will not be lost. All of the developed resources can be placed within your Lifelong Learning course and you can link to online meetings, in for example MsTeams, in your course.

If you are a course coordinator and/or teacher of a BMS course, we strongly advise you to follow the next steps when applying for and designing your course on the Lifelong Learning platform:

1. Follow the ‘Remote teaching during Corona’ course and incorporate the acquired knowledge into your existing online course design.

2. Request your course. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Follow the ‘How to design my education on the Lifelong Learning platform’ course and request a template course.
  2. Directly request an empty course through this form.

3. Contact Lars van der Plank for personal advice on your didactic design and hands-on support.

4. Start developing your course.

Online training course 'Remote teaching during corona'
When organizing remote teaching, you should not only take into account adapting your education to an online situation through technology, but also consider the didactic aspects of remote teaching. Therefore, in the course 'Remote teaching during corona' attention is paid to designing an online course. Going through the content in the module will take you approximately 45-60 minutes. You can self-register for this course through this link.

Online training course 'How to design my education on the Lifelong Learning platform'
This course will guide you in which activities within the platform can be used to design your course and attain your learning goals. There are short videos explaining how to incorporate the different learning activities in your course.
At the end of the course you will be guided to a form which can be used to request your own course template, either as a pre-made template or an empty course template. Both options will require you to actually dig in and design your own course the way you envision it. You can self-register for this course through this link.

Advice and hands-on support for your own course design
With the knowledge you gained in the course ‘Remote teaching during Corona’ and the choices you made in the course ‘How to design my education on the Lifelong Learning platform’ you can continue designing your course in the chosen template. For advice and support please contact Lars van der Plank ( ). He can give feedback on the design and will arrange all other support you might need in preparing your course.

•If you encounter any technical problems with registering for the courses, requesting your own course template or developing your course, please contact
•Do you have questions about your course design or the use of e-products (such as MsTeams, e-lectures, knowledge clips, e-modules, e-assessment), please contact Lars van der Plank
•If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through