Digital Education

The arrival of Covid-19 in the Netherlands in March 2020 meant that education had to be offered online. As a teacher you have done an enormous amount of work to make this possible.

For the online development and provision of GSLS education, it has been possible to use the Lifelong Learning platform since June 2020. The UU Lifelong Learning platform is an online learning environment that allows you to design your course in its entirety in a simple and user-friendly manner. There is a wide choice of learning activities available for an activating and scalable didactic design. All learning activities are accommodated in the course environment: students can work independently with interactive content, collaborate on group assignments, and can get referred to online meetings in Teams.

In addition to fully online education, blended education can of course also be developed and offered on the Lifelong Learning platform. The course design is then, for example, a mix of online learning activities for acquiring knowledge and on-campus meetings for applying knowledge.