GSLS Lifelong Learning platform support

To ensure a smooth transition of your education to the Lifelong Learning platform, we offer several ways to support and facilitate you in this process. We will introduce you to the platform, help you make design choices, and offer advice and hands-on support as you develop your course.

For this purpose, we have set up a Teams environment. Click here to take a look. Here you can learn about the support teams and tools, good practices, tips on using the platform, answers to frequently asked questions and support in interpreting data about your students. In addition, you can interact with other users, participate in demos and walk-in sessions, and share your own experiences with the platform. To best assist you, we have included all files in the teacher guide as well.

Enthusiastic about the possibility of using the Lifelong Learning platform for your education? We are here to help you get started! Please send an e-mail to so a member of the support team can schedule an intake meeting with you.