Training for supervisors

The GSLS offers two courses for supervisors to improve their supervisory skills. There are specific courses for the supervision of a Master's student and a PhD student.

Supervision of Master's students (course)

Many researchers are involved in the supervision of a research project (internship) of Master’s students. Good supervision is an important, but not an easy job. How can you do this the right way? This course focusses on mastering the basic skills of guiding Master’s students during their research project in a short time.

What you will learn

This course wil improve your supervision skills from 'simply copying what you experienced as a master student' to knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You will learn how to work with a students towards a good end result in a pleasant and effective way. 

Target group

This course is primarily aimed at PhD candidates, although other researchers are also welcome to join the course. It is important that you are supervising or going to supervise a Master's student of the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

More information and course dates can be found on the website of the PhD Course Centre.

Supervising PhD candidates at the Graduate School of Life Sciences (course)

In a nutshell, the course aims to expand the repertoire of PhD supervisors, enabling them to offer supervision more efficiently and effectively. This involves enabling their PhD candidates to work towards the goals of their doctorates in a targeted way, taking into account the limited time available for supervision as well as the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

Course content

The programme covers a range of basic subjects. The level of detail will partly depend on the needs of participants (based on the analysis of strengths and weaknesses conducted in advance).
Subjects addressed during this course:

  • ​Organisation & Regulations of the Graduate School of Life Sciences
  • Selection of PhD candidates
  • Clarifying the mutual expectations of PhD candidates and supervisors, partly in relation to the implicit standards and guidelines for obtaining a doctorate and the associated supervision
  • Goal oriented supervision: giving balanced feedback, adjusted to learning needs, type of PhD candidate and research phase
  • (Intercultural) communication skills
  • Progress assessments: content and procedure
  • Recognizing risks and warning signals

Duration: Estimated time investment for each participant is approximately 32 hours, course meetings included.

Target group

This course is primarily aimed at relatively new (co-)supervisors of PhD candidates of the GSLS, although more experienced supervisors are also welcome. Some experience with supervising PhD candidates is required, in order to be able to reflect on your own supervising behaviour during the course.

More information and course dates can be found on the website of the PhD Course Centre.