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Academic education on a high standard starts with professional teachers who are educated as researcher and as teacher. Everything that is on offer at Utrecht University for teachers to develop themselves and to improve their education, is accommodated in the Centre for Academic Teaching. The Centre is a network incorporating all partners within the university that work on the continuous improvement of academic teaching.

Teaching staff can come to the Centre for information, support and training aimed at their own improvement en educational innovation. More information can be found here.

Educational Development & Training is part of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, UU, and a partner of the Centre for Academic Teaching. More information about a professional consultation and the courses they offer can be found here.

Educate-it is a university-wide programme supported by and supportive of teachers and students. It helps teachers enhance and future-proof their courses. Besides assisting teachers to (re)design their courses by incorporating the teaching methods and ideas of blended learning, Educate-it also offers practical and technical support for IT tools that have proved their educational value. More information about Educate-it, online modules and workshops about various teaching tools and how it can be used to enhance education can be found here.

The Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL) is a central location at Utrecht University to experiment with and do research into new educational content and methods. The TLL is literally and figuratively a space for educational innovation. The TLL consists of two lecture/experimentation rooms and a studio (to record knowledge clips, short videos, webinars or other videos for your lessons). It is a place to test new education methods in real practice.

More information can be found here.

The Teaching Academy Utrecht University (TAUU) is a network of teachers that meet online as well as face-to-face. Their mission is to improve the quality of education by bringing together teachers from all departments, to learn from one another, to find inspiration, to collaborate, and to innovate.

The activities of the TAUU are open to any and all UU teachers. There are regular meetings about relevant topics. The e-matching tools on the website helps teachers to find peers that are experienced with educational tools/topics you are interested in. There are blogs and other postings, as well as an events calendar. 

Please note: much of the content is in Dutch and some is in English, depending on its source. More information about TAUU can be found here.

There are several news letters which could be interesting for staff of the Graduate School of Life Sciences:

  • Docentennieuwsbrief BMW: Newsletter intended for teachers of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme Biomedical Sciences (in Dutch). If you would like to receive this news letter, please send an email to
  • βUpdated, News letter Faculty of Science.
  • Master for Life Magazine: a magazine for GSLS students written by GSLS Master's students. If you would like to receive the magazine you can send an email to
  • PhD Course Centre Update: gives an overview of upcoming courses for PhD candidates as well as need-to-know and nice-to-know facts about PhD education. Please e-mail to receive this bi-weekly update.

Education colloquium
The education centre organises bimonthly an education colloquium which is focused on the educational developments. Those colloquia are relevant for everyone who is involved in the education within the UMC Utrecht. Attendance can be used for a BKO / SKO portfolio.

More information can be found here (link will only work if you have an UMC account). You can contact the committee by sending an e-mail to

Education seminar
Every odd year, the GSLS organises the education seminar for all course and programme coordinators, teachers, research project supervisors, course directors, committee members, scientists, other staff members and PhD candidates involved in the education. Attendance can be used for a BKO / SKO portfolio.

Blogs about the previous editions of the education seminars can be found here.

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