Online proctoring

Read the definitive UU protocol online proctoring for more information.

Online proctoring offers the possibility to test students remotely and location-independently under controlled conditions, thereby reducing the risks associated with home testing. However, online proctoring has only limited availability and thus cannot be guaranteed. Online proctoring can be requested for a course as a whole or for an individual student who is unable to come to campus to attend the regular on-campus exam. The exam needs to be made in either TestVision (Biomedical Sciences) or Remindo (Biosciences) software. 

Online proctoring in general:

To request or get more information regarding online proctorig for Biomedical Sciences courses please contact Course Information GSLS. For Epidemiology courses you can contact Karlijn Tuin. The request should always include a motivation of why proctoring is necessary, the date, time and duration of the exam, the number of students and the names of the students.

For Biosciences courses please contact for more information

Online proctoring for individual cases:

For courses organized by Biomedical Sciences, all requests for individual proctoring go via the academic counsellor of Biomedical Sciences (for both Biomedical Sciences and Biosciences students). This can be requested by either the student and/or the course coordinator/examiner. Please add URGENT proctoring to the e-mail subject. Individual proctoring has to be requested at the latest at 09:00 am on the day before the exam. Please also inform either Course Information GSLS or Karlijn Tuin that individual students will be taking the test through online proctoring. 

For courses organized by Biosciences both the academic counsellor and should be contacted by the course coordinator/examiner. Options will then be explored.

More practical information on remote testing can be found here (UU page). 

The Board of Examiners should always be notified in the case of online proctoring. The BoE approves the use of online proctoring under the following conditions:

• This applies only in the period affected by the Corona outbreak;
• The proctoring is arranged by Educate-IT;
• The experiences with online proctoring will be evaluated, a.o. by comparing the grades of the online-proctored test and the same test from last years;
• Each course that wants to use online proctoring should request this individually to the contactperson of the GSLS so that there is a general overview, which will be presented to the BoE;
• The BoE is informed by the examiner immediately in case of problems.