Registering a course in OSIRIS

The GSLS is responsible for the quality of all educational components offered within the School. To safeguard the quality of the courses and the assessments, we have set regulations on course registration.

In order for the course to be registered in OSIRIS, please send step 9b of the step-by-step guide to course design to the policy team of BMS (UMCU and veterinary sciences courses) or Hans Luijendijk and Nicoline Maljaars of Biosciences (faculty of science courses). Please also send proof of the approval for your course alongside the filled-out documentation (from the degree directors and the Board of Examiners). The course will then receive a course code in OSIRIS.

The course information is updated yearly and both new and already existing courses need to provide/update their information. The information is used to form the course description that is available for students on the Study Guide and in the OSIRIS Course Catalogue.

After approval of the assessment matrix, the course will be part of the GSLS quality control system. This includes annual course evaluations, general quality control by the Educational Committee and regular checks on quality of learning goals and assessment by the Board of Examiners and their Assessment Support Panel. The Board of Examiners will also officially approve the course coordinator as examiner and send a letter of appointment to the examiners.

After your course has been registered, have a look at practical matters that need to be arranged to ensure the smooth implementation of your course.