Mission of the GSLS

Our mission is to improve life, by providing an inspiring and innovative academic environment that enables our graduates to thrive in the dynamics of life sciences and society.

In 2020 to 2022, the GSLS aims for:

  1. Master’s programmes tailored to the needs of science and society, based on Utrecht Life Sciences’ research themes and according to the prevailing (inter)national standards;
  2. An academic environment to develop professional competences with a distinct profile and tailored to individual needs and talents;
  3. Inspiring and state-of-the-art teaching and supervision by a qualified team that actively and effectively facilitates academic and personal growth

In the end, a GSLS graduate...

  • Is an interdisciplinary critical thinker and worker
  • Creates impact in the dynamics of science and society
  • Demonstrates integrity towards science and society
  • Shows leadership
  • Is a team player
  • Is a life long learner

Strategic Goals and Deliverables

The GSLS has multiple goals and deliverables for both Master and PhD for the years 2020 to 2022.

The GSLS attracts highly qualified students (the right student for the right programme) from around the world.

  • An evidence based and inclusive recruitment and selection process.

  • An effective, transparent and uniform recruitment and admission procedure.

  • Quality over quantity.

The GSLS has developed a high quality and future proof portfolio of Master’s programmes.

  • A master curriculum with a clear Utrecht profile (strong connection to research, interdisciplinary character, flexibility, small-scale education).

  • Master’s programmes matching scientific and societal needs (also including profiles and 1 year academic masters).

  • Cooperation with selected external partners on blended learning and research projects (LERU and CHARM-EU partners, WUR/TUE alliance and Life sciences companies).

The GSLS offers training on research related skills according to the latest trends.

  • Courses offering insights and skills in interdisciplinarity, scientific integrity, entrepeneurship and societal challenges.

The GSLS cultivates the talent and competences of students in line with the learning outcomes of the School and degrees.

  • A Life Sciences Academy for generic skills; introduction week, career workshops and LS seminars.

  • Online/blended courses to enhance personal competences.

  • Varied and sufficient options for honours education.

The GSLS has increased the knowledge and awareness of the added value of diversity perspectives in education and science.

  • Trainings for students and staff on inclusive education.

The GSLS has re-enforced guidance by a dedicated student support team.

  • System for monitoring wellbeing of master students as a team effort.

  • Tailor made trainings for students and staff on student wellbeing.

GSLS teachers and supervisors offer an excellent and safe learning environment for all students.

  • Examiners holding at least a minimum teaching qualification (BKO).

  • Trained staff on teaching and supervising in a diverse student population (USO project).

  • An open feedback and assessment culture (sharing evaluation results, mutual feedback, transparent rubrics).

The GSLS provides clear regulations on responsibilities for teachers and supervisors of research projects and internships.

  • Teachers and supervisors that are familiar with and comply to regulations and procedures of GSLS.

  • An effective feedback and appreciation system for teaching and supervision tasks in yearly assessment interviews with faculty management.

The GSLS cultivates an educational environment of continuous innovation and education related research.

  • Validated innovative teaching and learning approaches and learning spaces that match the needs of teachers and students of the future.

  • Expansion of workshops and courses for teachers/supervisors (with partners such as O&T).